Ich wohne hier (I live here) / 私はここに住んでいる

2014, Collaged Newspaper on paper, Diary, Wood , light


There were many grayish buildings surrounding me in the city. On the surface of their walls there were graffitis, adverts and dirt. When I looked at the city for a while, the grayish buildings started to look as if they were the surface of a newspaper. There were a lot of windows. I imagined the people who lived in these buildings made by newspaper. But I didn‘t know anyone who lived there.
In reaction I made an installation with a white box that can be entered. Outside of this white box I put newspaper collages forming the landscape of a city. I created windows in each of the newspaper parts by cutting out letters in the shape of small rectangles. With these missing letters I “wrote” a personal diary of each day in the city on various A4 sheets that are hanging on the inside walls of the box.