Dear bear from human or indiviual / クマヘ ヒトマタハコジンヨリ

2012, HD Video, Stereo Sound, Single channel, 7:54 min


When I go to mountain, I sometimes wonder am I walking as a human or am I walking as a individual (shusuke). This question often appear in my head, when I am alone deep in mountain.
When we go to the mountain where bear lives, we need to bring bear bells to alarm human existance to bear. And if I changed the bear ring to keys which is belong to individuals. What bear hears? Is it human sound or Individual sound?


山に行く時、自分は一人のヒトとして歩いているのか、個人 (西松秀祐)として歩いているのか気になる時がある。その事はよく人気のすくない山奥を歩いている時にふと思い浮かぶ。