I got lost in the world, because of me

2012, HD Video, Stereo Sound, Loop, Single channel, 3:15 min


There are many cardboards in the city. Post carriers transport packages or people carry boxes for moving flats.
This work is my first work after I moved to Germany. In the Video I carry a load of cardboard boxes, which form the letter “I”. The “I” represents one´s self. Before doing this action, I was thinking if I carried the boxes which shape the letter “I”, it would look as if I was carrying myself. And when I finally did it, I remember now, it was so difficult to walk, because I couldn´t see what was in front of me.


この作品は僕がはじめてドイツに着いた時につくった作品で、映像では僕が”I”の形に積まれた段ボールを運んでいる様子が映されている。 “I” とは英語で私はを意味し、Iの字型を運べば自分が自分を運んでいるようになるんじゃないかとか考えながら制作した。実際運んでみると目の前があまり見えず、とても歩くのに苦労した記憶が今残っている。