photo : Yoshisato Komaki


Wandering around Sapporo with a linesman


2018, 2 channel HD-Video,  sound, 6: 33min, 3: 45min

On the ship traveling from Nagoya to Tomakomai, I tried imagining the life I would have for the next two months. A life with snow, me having troubles with snow, snow (nature) being victorious over me, these things came to my mind. But when I thought about it a little bit more, I felt that there would be a life, which I didn’t know, where snow (nature) and people (city) coexisted. Then for the first time, I wanted to go on a journey to find a set of boundaries between snow and the people of Sapporo. I knew who isa specialist for finding boundaries; football game linesmen. They are the ones who judge the fine and subtle line between the offense and the defense, and set rules for boundaries. The work is a video documentation of walking in the city of Sapporo with a linesman.





Linesman : Hidekazu Sawa
Thanks to Sapporo Tenjinyama Art Studio
Translate: Aki Nagasaka