Fisherman’s Sequence
2018, 8 mm film projection, sound, photos, roop, glass case

For the exhibition “Tsushima Art Fantasia 2018” I stayed in a small village called Naiin for a month. The village was surrounded by mountains and the sea and most of the people who live there were fishermen. On my journey to the village I saw a poster which showed how to tie lines with the fisherman’s technique. When I imagined a fisherman tying line to line continuously, I felt it is similar to editing films which I usually do for my practice ‒ connecting frame to frame to make a sequence and a storyline.

In Naiin I asked a fisherman to connect all the lines which I found on the shore while I interviewed him about his memory as a fisherman, his experience, life and history. The line which was created through connecting multiple small lines during his talk about his memories can be understood as a fisherman’s sequence. Then, I shot the new line on 8mm and projected it on a loop alongside the audio recordings of his recollections in order to create a bridge between film production and a fisherman’s tying technique.







Special Thanks : Masaharu Eguchi